Producing all natural, non-GMO, USA grown sweet potato in dices, coarse ground and powder. Our sweet potatoes are grown in Vardaman, MS near our plant and are traceable to the farm and field. Pet owners love that this superfood is packed with nutrition, and pets love that we oven bake them (not just dehydrate) for ultimate palatability.

One word: traceability.

In Vardaman, MS, we are as close to the source as you can get. So close, our sweet potatoes are delivered via fork lift from the farmer's wash house across the street. We know exactly what farm and field our product comes from so we can provide you with safe, traceable, delicious sweet potatoes from the farm to your factory.

Nutrient Dense & Extra Tasty

Our drying process involves oven baking, not just dehydrating like the other guys. That means better color retention and higher palatability for your formulas. Sweet potatoes are well known for their nutrients and are gaining popularity in pet food. As demand grows, be sure you are using high quality sweet potatoes your customers will love.

Why Vardaman, MS?

Sourced from Across the Street

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